Hot Sauce


Habanero and truffle... need we say more? This sauce, my friends, is scaldingly spicy and dangerously addictive. Use. It. On. Everything.

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Water, jalapenos, truffle oil, salt, distilled vinegar, habaneros, garlic, xanthan gum, spices


  • Our Sonoran Scorch hot sauce is excellent sprinkled into pasta dishes--that is, of course, if you love spice!
  • Drizzled on your favorite pizzas, homemade or delivered, to level-up your slice’s spice game
  • Grilling meats or seafood? Our Sonoran Scorch hot sauce is perfect to serve alongside steaks, burgers, and seafood as a mind-blowing condiment
  • With the perfect balance of truffled spiciness and tanginess, Sonoran Scorch hot sauce is fabulous as a finishing sauce for chicken wings.
  • Perfect drizzled over eggs and omelets to take your breakfast game to an explosive new level.
  • Add a shake or two to your bloody mary for an unexpected truffle twist.
  • Blend with your favorite mayonnaise to create a spicy truffle aioli.
  • Swirl Sonoran Scorch hot sauce into your fave hummus if it needs a “kick”!


Pizza, pasta, grilled meat, grilled seafood, vegetables, eggs, chicken, Mexican food

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