This marmalade captures the pure essence of the prized Sicilian lemon. Crafted from a hundreds-year-old recipe, Marchesi di San Giuliano's lemon marmalade is made with just two ingredients: organically-grown Sicilian lemons and organic cane sugar (yes, that's all!). The resulting marmalade is bright and tangy with subtle, nuanced notes of caramelized fruit and a pleasing rustic texture.

How to use

Slather Marchesi di San Giuliano's Organic Sicilian Lemon Marmalade on toast, flaky croissants or freshly-baked scones. This tangy marmalade also makes a wonderful baking ingredient. Layer it into marmalade crumble bars, use in lieu of jam in traditional jam thumbprint cookies or swirl through vanilla buttercream as a tangy filling for cake. 

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