Watch out for the “Dust Devil!” To create our famous Dust Devil Crema, we grind sun-ripened chilies into a smooth paste with aromatics like sweet basil and garlic.

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The paste is then blended with our extra virgin olive oil and bottled. This results in a sauce with a whirlwind of flavors, sure to add a spicy kick to your sandwiches and burgers. Or, toss freshly cooked chicken wings in our Dust Devil Crema for a robust and zesty treat.


  • Excellent spooned into pasta dishes--that is, of course, if you love spice!
  • Try dipping a slice of your favorite pizzas, homemade or delivered, in our Dust Devil Crema.
  • Grilling or smoking meats and seafood? Our Dust Devil Crema is a perfect dipping sauce to serve alongside steaks, burgers, and seafood for an unforgettable lunch or dinner.
  • Delicious in wraps, pitas, or baked with summer squash, or as a topping for grilled meats and sausages.
  • With the just perfect balance of spice, Dust Devil Crema is fabulous as a sauce for chicken wings. Just toss freshly cooked wings with a few spoons of Dust Devil Crema and a few glugs of Queen Creek Olive Mill olive oil for a fiery treat.
  • Perfect dolloped over eggs and omelets to take your breakfast game to a delicious new level.


Pizza, pasta, grilled meat, grilled seafood, vegetables, eggs, chicken, sandwiches, breakfast

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