Olive Oil 101 Educational Tour


Olive Oil 101 Educational Tour

Cost: $7.00/person 
Location: Queen Creek Olive Mill
Duration: Approximately 45 minutes

During our Olive Oil 101 Educational Tour, you'll learn how we make extra virgin olive oil at Queen Creek Olive Mill, how to use it in the kitchen, and why it's so darn good for you! Our experts will teach you how to correctly taste olive oil (no bread) and help you shop our gourmet Marketplace following the tour.



9:30AM • 10:30 AM • 11:30 AM • 12:30 PM • 1:30 PM • 2:30 PM • 3:30 PM



Is the Olive Oil 101 Educational Tour wheelchair accessible?
Yes! The tour is ADA accessible with some light walking. 

Will the tour be inside or outside?
The tour may be inside, outside or even both. We are a functioning farm and sometimes need to work around that.

Where do I get tickets for the tour?
Once inside the building, look for the registers along the "Know Your Farmer" wall to purchase your tickets.

Is there guaranteed space on the tour?
The tour is first come, first serve. So we recommend showing up 20-30 minutes before. 

Can I get a senior or military discount for the tour?
Unfortunately, we do not allow discounts on tour tickets.

Can I bring my service animal on the tour?
Although we do allow service animals in the grove area, service animals are not permitted in our Milling Room as it is a food production facility. 
The animal must wait outside the Milling Room with proper supervision while that part of our tour takes place. Non-service animals are not allowed on the tour.