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Terms and Conditions

In-Store Gift Cards
In-store gift cards can only be used at our marketplace locations. They are not redeemable at our Online Webstore. To order or make a purchase please call 480-888-9290.
In-store gift cards cannot be redeemed for online gift cards, and vise-versa. Click Here to view our locations.  

eGift Cards
eGift Cards can only be purchased & redeemed at our Online Webstore or by phone order to our Shipping Department @ 877-654-8387.
They cannot be purchased or redeemed at the marketplace locations. Gift cards cannot be used to purchase other gift cards.
Click Here to Order or click the image above. 



I already have an in-store gift card, can I use it online? 
Unfortunately, we cannot transfer in-store gift cards to eGift cards, in-store gift cards must be redeemed and purchased at our physical marketplace locations.

I don't live in Arizona, but my friend does. What gift card should I send them?
You should call us at 480-888-9290 and order an in-store gift card, so that they can come experience Queen Creek Olive Mill!

How exactly do I purchase an eGift card?
Click Here or click the eGift card image at the top of the page. Then choose which gift card you would like to send, and the amount. Then simply add that to your cart and proceed to checkout! 

Does it cost anything to ship in-store or eGift cards?
There is no shipping cost on either card. In-store gift cards will be shipped via USPS within 3-5 business days. eGift Cards will be sent via email on your requested send date.

Can we order a gift card for a larger value then $500?
Yes, please call us at 480-429-4117 to order a gift card larger than $500.

How do I check the balanced on my eGift Card or In-Store gift card?
You can check the amount of your eGift card in the My Account section of our site. Or give us a call at 480-429-4117.
To check the amount of your in-store gift card, please call us at 480-888-9290.

Any other questions? GIve us a call at 480-429-4117 or chat with us. We'd be more then happy to assist you.