olivespa™ Soapscription

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About olivespa™ Soaps:
- 4oz bars, made with all-natural ingredients including extra virgin olive oil and essential oils. Our Olive Oil Soap will leave your skin feeling nourished and moisturized. Soaps made with extra virgin olive oil are hydrating and the most gentle form of soap you can use on your skin.

Why is olive oil soap better than commercial soap? Click Here to find out!

How it works:
Choose how many soaps you would like to receive in every box. The more you choose, the more you save!
3 Soaps: No discount
6 Soaps: 5% Discount
9 Soaps: 10% Discount
12 Soaps: 15% Discount
Choose how often you would like to receive a box.
Place your order. Your first box will generate on the date of purchase and will ship within 1-2 business days.

Things to Note:
- This is an ongoing subscription and will continue until canceled. You must complete 3 shipments before your subscription can be canceled. 
- Your frequency of shipments, number of soaps, or profile information can all be changed in your account.