FACE LOVE Gift Basket

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Give your face some love with our refreshing and invigorationg FACE LOVE Kit. Whether you're looking to treat yourself, or someone you love, our FACE LOVE Kit is an amazing way to kick back, relax, and cleanse. This FACE LOVE Kit was crafted specifically to recharge and rejuvinate the skin using high-quality, botanical ingredients. The Kit includes detailed instructions on how to give yourself an all-natural, at-home facial, self-care encouraged...no professionals needed!

How To Use: Instructions included in kit.

Cleansing FACE Wash - castile soap (including olive oil) and pure essential oils 
Hydrating FACE Toner - lavender distillate, witch hazel and essential oil blend 
Nourishing FACE Oil - high polyphenol EVOO, and other high quality botanical oils and pure essential oils 
Detox FACE Mask - activated charcoal, desert clay and colloidal oatmeal 
Botanical Steam - lavender buds and rose buds and petals 
Lavender AROMATHERAPY Candle - soy wax (cleaner burning) and pure Lavender essential oil 
Detailed Instruction Sheet for doing an all-natural at-home Facial using each of the items in the basket.

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